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Austin No-Fault Divorce Attorney

Travis County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Not all divorce actions must be adversarial and highly contentious. Many people believe that because you need to file a lawsuit against the other party in a divorce and have them served, it automatically means you are setting yourself up for a protracted court battle. This is simply not true.

Linda Stanley has over 33 years of experience helping clients through the divorce process in Texas. Her extensive network to resources, colleagues and the courts allows her to provide a full service family law firm to her clients. For more information about how she can help you, contact us today to schedule an appointment.  However, a lawyer can only represent one party to a divorce.

Different Paths to Achieving an Uncontested Divorce

Many uncontested divorces can be resolved in a mediation or collaborative setting. Parties who have reached agreement on all issues have an uncontested divorce that does not require litigation. Linda Stanley is well-qualified to help individuals who are seeking to use these methods when seeking dissolution of a marriage.

Some couples come to a lawyer because they have worked out everything themselves and just need an attorney to help draft and finalize the divorce decree. This also qualifies as an uncontested divorce and also may qualify as limited scope representation. Our firm can help you memorialize your wishes and make sure they conform to the court's requirements so a judge will approve your agreements and sign your agreed decree.

Uncontested divorces can occur with short-term marriages or with marriages without children. We have experience helping couples in this situation and we believe in making the process as seamless and fluid as possible.

Even when couples have accumulated a large number of assets but have decided how they would like to split them, we can help make sure that these intentions are clearly stipulated to the court. A party can also sign a waiver of service to avoid the adversarial step of being served with a notice that the other party is seeking a no-fault divorce. No matter what the situation, we are here to provide legal guidance to help you make informed decisions that everyone is comfortable with and that achieve your legal goals.

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