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Austin Texas Divorce Attorney

When a marriage is ending, there are several ways to work through the legal process of divorce. In many situations, the best way to proceed may be divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce — both of these processes are usually less expensive than litigation and more effective in the long run because the parties are involved in fashioning the agreements to be incorporated in the court's order.

In some circumstances, however, it may not be possible to reach an amicable separation or divorce agreement. In such cases, you may be seeking a divorce lawyer who can represent you in divorce litigation.

Austin, Texas, family law and divorce attorney Linda Stanley, has over 33 years' legal experience, and she is a trained family law mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Ms. Stanley is also board certified in family law, which means she has had extensive family law and divorce experience.

One of the most valuable services that we provide to our clients is to help them decide which type of divorce process will work best for them and their families.

  • Divorce mediation: Linda Stanley has been mediating cases since 1990.
  • Collaborative divorces: In collaborative divorce law, the spouses agree at the beginning of the process that they will work together to reach a divorce agreement. The spouses are represented by divorce lawyers who also commit to helping their clients reach agreement without the need for expensive and time-consuming divorce litigation.

Learn More About the Divorce Process in Texas

We invite you to review the Divorce Basics and Divorce FAQ pages of this Web site if you are seeking general information about the divorce process in Texas.

Then, if you have specific questions about your circumstances and would like to discuss divorce mediation, collaborative divorce or your options in a contested divorce dispute, contact our offices to schedule a confidential consultation. Call 1-866-930-6377 or 512-961-7607, or send us an e-mail.